Announcing the Salon's Writing Group

Writing can be a very isolating experience. As fellow playwrights, we often crave community, deadlines, and a safe-yet-inspirational space to share our work. Our inaugural writers' group is geared toward providing writers with those intangibles, as well as offering the opportunity to have industry professionals as guests providing feedback on topics such as the production process, script editing, and working with a creative team.

Here’s the scoop:

A monthly writers group for up to eight playwrights who have demonstrated their commitment to playwriting through classes, development work, and productions. Sessions will consist of timed writes for an hour with short breaks, followed by a 10-minute table reading and feedback session for one playwright per month. The group is meant to provide structure and community to people who are craving to begin, finish or rework their scripts. There is no teacher for this group—writers will either facilitate discussions of their own work or trade off with others in the group. Out of respect for fellow participants, we are asking for a commitment of at least eight sessions per year (no meetings in August or December).

First Meeting*
April 14 from 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Uptown Espresso
4301 SW Edmunds St, Seattle, WA 98116

*The day/time and location of subsequent meetings may change based on the feedback from participants

How you can join
Register HERE by April 10. We will send out a roster and any final details to participating playwrights prior to the first meeting. In the event more than eight people register we will use a lottery system to identify participants and create a waitlist for future openings. If you have any questions, please send them to