January 24th, 2019

At Palace Theatre & Art Bar, Seattle

The Lost Virginity Tour.jpg

The Lost Virginity Tour

by Cricket Daniel

Happy Trails Senior Resort Living in Surprise, AZ is where the ladies of the Happy Trails Baking Club meet weekly, swapping desserts and recipes.  But when these four friends start swapping stories about their “first time”, one of them bakes up an idea: to take a road trip across the country, revisiting each location where they lost their virginities. Tears, laughter, memories and secrets are all revealed as each friend shares the details about their first time.  

Director - Rachel Rene
Stage Directions - Rex Waters
VIOLA - Carol Sage-Silverstein
RITA - Carrie Schnelker
KITTY - Bobbi Kotula
ELAINE - Masaye Nakagawa

Join us for our first show of the new year on Thursday January 24th, 2019 at 7 p.m. at Palace Theatre & Art Bar, located in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood at 5813 Airport Way South, Seattle 98108. Beer, wine, and cider will be available for purchase before and after the show, and during intermission.

Suggested donation of $10.

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Cricket Daniel

Playwright Cricket Daniel hails from California. Cricket holds a Theatre Degree from UC Santa Barbara and studied Shakespeare in Cambridge, England. Cricket has an extensive background in stand-up, theater and improv. Other plays by Cricket include COUPLE DATING; LOVE, LAUGHTER AND LUCCI; GINA GALDI AND GUEST; HELEN ON WHEELS, THE NIGHT BEFORE THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS, I SHOT JENNIFER LOPEZ and the award winning 10 Minute play BREAK DREAMS. Cricket is a recipient of an ABC Award for her contributions to local theater and is a member of the Dramatists Guild of America. Cricket resides in Bend, Oregon with her husband of 24 years, Jason and their 14 year old daughter, Spencer. To learn more about Cricket, please visit her website. www.cricketdaniel.com


Rachel Rene

Rachel Rene is a Seattle-based actor, director, and stage manager who has worked in and around the Seattle area for over 30 years. Recent directing credits include Ben Butler at Burien Actors Theatre and Nightingale (a new musical) with HEARTS (http://heartshealtharts.org/). Besides directing staged readings for Seattle Playwrights Salon, Rachel Rene is also a performer with Living Voices, Theatre for Young Children, and Intergenerational Theatre Company, and regularly stage manages for ReAct Theatre, along with training new stage managers. <3 to Rx.

Carol Sage-Silverstein 2.jpg

Carol Sage-Silverstein

Carol Sage Silverstein started her acting career in New York City where she performed her one woman play Sabinka as well as various stage, voice over and radio plays. She has performed in Seattle for Book it Repertory, Studio 4, Seattle Jewish Theater, voice over and radio podcasts. she is a member of actors equity

carrie_schnelker 2.jpg

Carrie Schnelker

Carrie is delighted to be working with Seattle Playwrights Salon as part of the great cast of The Lost Virginity Tour. Carrie's favorite roles include everything at Whidbey's Island Shakespeare Festival (Prospero in The Tempest, the dukes in As You Like It, Mrs. Fairfax in Jane Eyre, Polina in The Seagull, and the five -- or was it 6? -- characters in The Three Musketeers). Recent shows include The Art of Racing in the Rain at Harlequin Productions and Next Fall with Fantastic Z. She can't wait for what's next! Love and thanks to her patient and supportive husband Michael and her wonderful theater-going friends. http://carrieschnelker.wixsite.com/actor


Bobbi Kotula

Bobbi is a Theatre graduate from Penn State University, studied for her Masters in directing from Villanova University, is a fundraising professional for Village Theatre, and an acting coach. She has garnered awards for her unique and detailed portrayals of many new and classic roles in both the Seattle and New York theatre scene. Some of her favorite roles include: Mrs. Warren (Mrs. Warren’s Profession) , Molly Brown, Peter Pan, Dolly Levi (Hello Dolly), Miss Hannigan (Annie), Kate (Taming of the Shrew), Hildret Heinz (Iron Curtain), Golde (Fiddler on the Roof), Maggie (Lend Me A Tenor), & Mrs. Potts (Beauty & the Beast). This spring, she will be creating the role of Duke Senior in Seattle Shakespeare’s production of As You Like It. She has also done film, radio, and television but that work is magically stuffed into a tiny digital box – you can see it &amp; hear it anytime. More stuff is at www.bobbikotula.com


Masaye Okano Nakagawa

Masaye will be 72 this Year of the Boar, 2019. She is happy to join the cast of The Lost Virginity Tour as Elaine.

Previously she has been in Crimson Chimera a video short currently submitted to a variety of Film competitions. And previous to a long break, Masaye was in several stage plays including, Miss Minidoka 1943, The Gambling Den (both at NWAAT), and Julius Caesar with Seattle Repertory Theater.

Nakagawa is a graduate of the University of Washington Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies (Japan Regional Studies) and holds the prestigious “Certificate of Merit in Teaching”, granted by the Urasenke Foundation, headquartered in Kyoto, Japan

Later This Year

February 28 - Weather the Storm by Anna MacAlpine
The Caribbean, 1720. When Anne Bonny and Mary Read meet aboard the ship of Captain Jack Rackham, they find themselves inexplicably drawn together. But the world of the black flag is violent and unforgiving, and pirates are hunted and executed throughout the Caribbean. Soon, Anne, Mary and the crew are forced to question the very essence of who they are and what they are willing to sacrifice in the name of survival.

March 28 - The Future's So Bright by Michael Mendiola
MARTI is trapped in an Off-Off-Broadway theater and is certain that solving the equation for predicting prime numbers is the key to his freedom. That, and to understanding random events. All random events. Unfortunately, solving this equation requires help from his like-minded companions—an agoraphobic theater tech and a secluded mathematician—both of whom are in danger of succumbing to the most random event of all: falling in love.

April 25 - Florence Fane in San Francisco by Brianna Barrett
A Civil War Era romantic comedy about the San Francisco publishing industry starring a cast of literary titans including Frances Fuller Victor, Bret Harte, Mark Twain, and all their pals. The history of the west is forever changed when a peculiar young woman enters the Lick House Hotel Saloon, headquarters of the city's most popular weekly newspaper: The Golden Era...

May 23 - One Thing by Scott Stolnack
Three estranged siblings return to their childhood home in Chicago to bury their father, settle old scores, and confront old ghosts. Sally wants to do the right thing, but her view on “the right thing” changes after discovering the adoption papers from the child she gave birth to when she was 17. Tony, charismatic and movie-star handsome, needs money to finance his political ambitions. Bobby is just along for the ride while Trisha, Bobby’s girlfriend, is a little mesmerized by Tony. And the Old Man is still very much a presence in their lives. The play asks the question, “Can we escape our family karma?”

June 27 - A Collection of Shorts
Fighting Mr. Right by Lindsay Babs
Not an Emergency But by Lauren Fulton
Like a Fox by David Summers
Canada by Cate Wiley
Accidentally by Pamela Carter

July 25 - Fur Pajamas the musical by John Allman and David Ceci
Nigel is an aging British rocker whose music career peaked in the ‘80s with his New Wave one-hit wonder band, Fur Pajamas. For a number of reasons, Nigel is desperate to regain fame and fortune. Along the way, he runs into several people from his past – Peter, a resentful ex- band mate; Eva Jean, an ex-wife who has moved on; and Claudia, an ex-girlfriend who hasn’t. Working together with Andi, his young and inexperienced agent, will Nigel be able to reconcile with his past as he tries to ‘make it big again?’

August 22 - Some Come, Some Go by Norbert Sorg
Nick's excelling in his dream New York City career, he’s got a loving girlfriend, and he’s just moved in to his first apartment in the Big Apple. It’s pristine, carefully curated, and all his. What could be better? His mother has plenty of ideas. When she comes to visit, expectations explode like land mines. Will the fallout bring down the house?