May 23rd, 2019

At Palace Theatre & Art Bar, Seattle

One Thing.png

One Thing

by Scott Stolnack

It is a hot summer night on the South Side of Chicago. Three estranged siblings - the bad boy, the caregiver, and the politician - have gathered at the family home to bury their father. Will old secrets, defining resentments, and the consuming needs of the now suffocate them? Or liberate them? In this contest of wills, a ghost may supply the answers.

Director - Kevin Finney
Stage Directions - Lauren Sharma
SALLY - Jana Blumberg
TONY - Tom Fraser
BOBBY - Jimmi Cook
OLD MAN (ANGELO) - David Klein
TRISHA - Monique Preston

Join us on Thursday May 23rd, 2019 at 7 p.m. at Palace Theatre & Art Bar, located in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood at 5813 Airport Way South, Seattle 98108. Beer, wine, and cider will be available for purchase before and after the show, and during intermission.

Suggested donation of $10.

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Scott Stolnack

Poet and playwright Scott Stolnack grew up in a working-class neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side. After a stint in the U.S. Marines, he went to college on the GI Bill and graduated with honors in English (summa cum laude) from the University of Washington. He has published short stories in Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, Full Spectrum, and elsewhere, worked as a freelance writer, and completed two novels. A member of the Dramatists Guild of America, he also holds degrees in conservation biology and fisheries ecology: for the past decade he has worked as a biologist coordinating efforts to recover endangered salmon in the Seattle area.

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Kevin Finney

Kevin Finney is an actor, director and impresario based in West Seattle. He’s acted at ArtsWest and Burien Actor’s Theater, and is the artistic director, producer, director, and impresario of Drunken Owl Theatre at the Parliament Tavern in West Seattle. Modeled after the Seattle Playwrights’ Salon, Drunken Owl Theatre exists to give playwrights a chance to hear their works read, to give actors a chance to strut their stuff, and to give audiences a variety of entertainment. Usually playing the third Sunday of any month, we read original plays, sing a couple of tunes, and tell a few jokes. Kevin also produces and directs the school musical at Meany Middle School, and recently presented Disney’s “Lion King, Jr.” to rave reviews.

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Monique Preston

Monique Preston is a Seattle native who has worked in the theatre and film industries for close to ten years now. She was last seen in Short Order Theatre Company's inaugural production of "Death of a Salesman." Favorite credits include Benjamin in "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" and Rachelle Waterman in NBC News' "I'd Kill For You." Much love to my family, friends, and David for the continued support and inspiration over the years!


Tom Fraser

Tom has been involved in Seattle theater and film since moving from New York to Seattle many years ago. He is happy to be participating in his fourth reading on the Palace/Conservatory stage with the very fine “ONE THING”. Previous readings here include; Pamela Hobart Carter’s “Unhinged”, Stephanie Blucker’s “Build Your City on Flesh & Bone” and Celeste Mari Williams’ “GILLS! GILLS! GILLS!”. Other favorite stage roles include: Joe Moore in "Tigers Be Still" (Catapult Theater/Intiman Blackbox); Ozzie in the Gregory Award winning "UNDO" (Annex Theater); Captain Lon McQuigg in "The Racket" (Theater Influence/Union Garage) and a few bits and pieces with The 14-48 Projects.

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Jimmi Cook

Selected credits include Luke in Next Fall at Fantastic Z, Tarzan in Tarzan at Kitsap Forest Theatre Born, and Fred Graham/Petruchio in Seattle Musical Theatre's Kiss Me Kate!Raised in the rainy fields of Washington state, Jimmi grew up on a horse ranch. If he wasn’t singing songs while cleaning stalls, he was surely making a play with all his animals he called friends. From his humble start as a bumble bee to his big debut as a Boy Named Sue, he found his passion for the arts. An avid I Love Lucy rewatcher, steak eater, Disneyland tour guide, and self proclaimed interior designer, but still his heart draws him towards the theatre.


Jana Rae Blumberg

Jana is honored to be cast as Sallie in the staged reading of ‘One Thing’. One can say it was kismet that drew her to this role as she has been the main caregiver for her aging mother for several years now. Jana hails from the Chicago area and moved to Kirkland three years ago. In those three years, she has performed in six other productions, 5 of which have been original works from local playwrights. Jana delights in bringing these new characters to life for the writers, directors and the audience. She hopes that this reading strikes a chord with the audience as it did with her and will help Scott and Kevin create ‘One Thing’ as a full production in Seattle.

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David Klein

David has been a working theater artist for 50 years, performing in over 150 professional productions as well as directing and teaching acting. Pre-Seattle highlights include running a touring children’s theater in rural New England, chanting “Om” onstage behind Swami Satchidananda at Woodstock in 1969 in front of 300,000 or so people, and performing at international avant-garde festivals in Baltimore and in Wroclaw, Poland. He has helped start five theaters, both here and in Boston, including Book-It and Tales of the Alchemysts. He will be cavorting in area parks this summer in Henry IV, part 2, with Greenstage. This is his second show with the Salon.

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Lauren Sharma

Lauren Sharma born and raised in Seattle, Wa. Lauren attended Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences, where she truly fell in love with acting and singing. Lauren has stared in short films, directed films of her own, made her way to the stage and recorded a solo album. In recent years she has been very focused on her family life. Taking care of her son and brand new baby girl. Although taking care of her family gives her great joy she has decided to return to the stage.

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