Playwright Agreement

We ask that all playwrights working with the Salon agree to the following terms.  

Here’s what Seattle Playwrights Salon will do: 

  • Email the publicity materials you give us to our 100+ list of media outlets and blogs in the Seattle area
  • Produce a printed program for the play with information you give us
  • Provide front of house for your production
  • Coordinate with The Conservatory staff
  • On request, provide up to seven music stands for your production
  • Introduce your production and moderate the post-show talk back
  • On request, provide free evening rehearsal space in Georgetown

 Your Part:

  • Ensure that your script and production are ready for public engagement and comment, and will fit within the 7-9 pm slot, allowing for intermission, intro, and any post-show talk back
  • Cast and direct actors (or arrange for casting and directing)
  • Email all publicity materials one month in advance of your production to us
  • Email program content to us by one week before your production
  • Visit The Conservatory to ensure you know the space and how best to produce your play there
  • Arrive with your actors and any crew at 6 p.m. on the day of the production
  • Arrange for your stage management