Playwright Agreement

We ask that all playwrights working with the Salon agree to the following terms.  

Here’s what Seattle Playwrights Salon will do: 

  • Pay the playwright a stipend at the time of the staged reading in the amount of $100 for a full length play, $50 for a one-act play, and $25 for a short play

  • Create and disseminate publicity materials, including a printed program for the play

  • Coordinate with The Palace Theatre staff and provide front of house for your production

  • Cast and direct staged reading (or help arrange for casting and directing)

  • Provide up to four hours of paid rehearsal space at Theatre Puget Sound

  • Provide printing services for scripts

  • Moderate the post-show talk back and provide written notes of the feedback

  • Arrive with actors and any crew at 6 p.m. on the day of the production

 Your Part:

  • Ensure your script and production are ready for public engagement and comment, and will fit within the 7-9:00 pm slot, allowing for intermission, intro, and any post-show talk back

  • Email all information for publicity materials 45 days in advance of your production

  • Review program content two weeks before production

  • Attend production and participate in talk-back

  • If more than four actors are required, provide a $25 stipend for each additional actor via a donation to Shunpike, our fiscal sponsor