Join us May 11th

At the Conservatory Seattle


The Truth About Trolls - A new musical

Book Writer:  Melodee Miller

Composer:  Mary September

Performed by Students of  Seattle’s Orca K-8 Film & Drama Academy


What happens when three Billys and two Towns collide on one Bridge?

In the town of Gruffland, the people are running out of food.  Their neighbors across the bridge have all the food they could ever eat...and dessert too!  The Grufflanders want access across the bridge to eat all the food they can dream of. Their only problem is the neighboring town is inhabited by terrifying Trolls and the largest Troll guards the bridge.  Many stories have been spread through the town about how the Trolls eat with their toes, have smelly breath and sticky skin, and are the meanest creatures on earth. The townspeople decide they need to drive the Trolls out so they can have the land with all the food.  When the Grufflanders go to their town Oracle for advice, she tells them Billy will help them solve their problem.  But can he?

Music for this production will be inspired by a wide variety of music styles from around the world and around the block, including the cultures from which the students’ families come.

Join us Friday May 11th at 7 p.m. at the Conservatory, 5813 Airport Way South, Seattle 98108. Admission is free! Beer, wine, cider, and food available for purchase before and after the show, and during intermission.

The Conservatory is a Seattle art space and coffeehouse, community meeting place, and artists’ workshop in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood, a growing and glowing arts haven in Seattle near I-5, just north of Boeing Field.

The Seattle Playwrights Salon produces new play readings and full productions on the second Friday of every month at The Conservatory to give local playwrights a public place to present new work in development to a live audience.