February 28th, 2019

At Palace Theatre & Art Bar, Seattle

Weather the Storm.jpg

Weather the Storm

by Anna MacAlpine

The Caribbean, 1720. When Anne Bonny and Mary Read meet aboard the ship of Captain Jack Rackham, they find themselves inexplicably drawn together. But the world of the black flag is violent and unforgiving, and pirates are hunted and executed throughout the Caribbean. Soon, Anne, Mary and the crew are forced to question the very essence of who they are and what they are willing to sacrifice in the name of survival.

Director - Lia Fakhouri
Stage Directions - Katrina Taylor
ANNE BONNY - Jasmine Lomax
MARY READ - Laura Steele
JACK RACKHAM - Keala Milles
RICHARD CORNER - Andy Buffelen
SIR NICHOLAS LAWES- Michael Mendonsa

Join us on Thursday February 28th, 2019 at 7 p.m. at Palace Theatre & Art Bar, located in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood at 5813 Airport Way South, Seattle 98108. Beer, wine, and cider will be available for purchase before and after the show, and during intermission.

Suggested donation of $10.


Anna MacAlpine

Anna is a Canadian playwright, holding a BA in Dramatic Arts from Brock University and a MFA in Playwriting from the University of Calgary. She has been an actor, a drama instructor and a dramaturg, working across Canada and in the UK. Recent plays include Fool’s Paradise (Victoria Fringe Festival) and Polonius and His Children (Sage Theatre). She is based in Victoria, BC. Read more about her plays at annamacalpine.wordpress.com/.


Lia S Fakhouri

Lia S Fakhouri is a Seattle transplant who hails from Dubai UAE. Currently, she is part of the Public Works Team at Seattle Repertory Theatre spreading Equity, Joy and Imagination through the great Seattle community. Seattle Repertory Theatre is also where she got her Seattle start as the Artistic Casting Intern and Assistant Director. Seattle Directing Credits include: Seven Homeless Mammoths Wander New England, Veils, and Salem Witch Orgasms by Ali Davis. Lia graduated with a B.A in Theatre and Honors in Directing from UC, Irvine.


Jasmine Lomax

Jasmine Lomax is excited to be a part of Weather the Storm. Recently graduating from Cornish College of the Arts, specializing in Original Works, Jasmine’s mission as an artist is to share as much new work as possible. She believes by doing so that she is communicating the importance of generating new works of art. Her past credits include Raisin’s in a Glass of Milk 2019 (a compilation of interviews from Artists of Color) at Taproot Theater, Baltimore (Directed by Malika Oyetimen), and O,Beautiful (Directed by Michael Place). photo credit: Mark Brennan


Keala Mills, Jr.

Keala Milles, Jr has been featured in the films Slap Worthy and Alien Story (2AMB Productions) and the web-series Four Pals and A Dog (Arsenic Martini). Professional theatre credits include Café Nordo in Seattle, as well as Diversionary, San Diego Repertory, and The Old Globe in San Diego. Favorite roles include JD in Heathers: the Musical, Zemar in the The Boy Who Danced On Air, and VP in The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity. www.mkealamillesjr.net

Andy Buffelen Headshot Lia.jpg

Andy Buffelen

Andy is a producer, performer, and arts administrator. You may have seen him in 'Straight White Men' at WET, behind the scenes at various Forward Flux Productions shows / events, a hand-full of plays at Annex Theatre, and around and about 14/48 projects. Recently, he produced and performed in 'Amy & Keiko Doing It Late Night' at Bumbershoot. Right now, he's loves working directly with writers to develop and workshop new scripts. Currently, he is working on his own play, '325' - the story of his family and their connection to a community of folks in a set of seats at a professional football stadium. He also like to skateboard. Connect on Instagram: @andybuff.


Anthony Lopez

Anthony Lopez is excited to work with Seattle Playwrights Salon in his stage reading debut. He was born in California, but raised in the Pacific Northwest. During his high school years, he had moved to Denver; where he had attended Denver School of Science and Technology. Afterwards, he had moved back home to the Pacific Northwest; where he had worked on some vocal work online for fun. Anthony has most recently been returning to stage work; where his most recent work was an interactive play Lairs of Shadows, where he played as Alrich Von Helsbane. Anthony is thrilled to be reading as a pirate; after being known as a pirate for dressing up like one for his entire sophomore year of high school.


Katrina T. Taylor

Katrina T. Taylor hails from the East Coast, making her Seattle Theatre acting debut in Playlist Seattle “Women Who Rock 2018”. She enjoys singing, playing piano, dancing, and of course acting. Katrina has been casted in several independent plays, and student films throughout New York and New Jersey, and popular televsion series within the Pacific Northwest. Outside of acting, Ms. Taylor enjoys volunteering in her community as well as working with the City of Seattle to increase affordable housing. Ms. Taylor wishes to continue to strengthen her acting abilities throughout the Northwest in hopes of performing on Broadway and in films.


Frank Sun

Frank Sun is a Asian-American Actor, who has been working in Seattle's theater world for the last three years after graduating from the University of Washington. He been in a variety in roles ranging from Shakespeare in the park to Immersive theater. He is super excited in telling stories and to be a part of this project.


Michael Mendonsa

Michael made his Seattle-area debut in 2016 in The Letters at Burien Actors Theatre and has since played the title role in Ben Butler, also at BAT, and appeared in Becky’s New Car for Twelfth Night Productions. As Mikey Budd, he plays and sings in Seattle’s alt-countrypolitan band Purty Mouth.

Later This Year

March 28 - The Future's So Bright by Michael Mendiola
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April 25 - Florence Fane in San Francisco by Brianna Barrett
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May 23 - One Thing by Scott Stolnack
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June 27 - A Collection of Shorts
Fighting Mr. Right by Lindsay Babs
Not an Emergency But by Lauren Fulton
Like a Fox by David Summers
Canada by Cate Wiley
Accidentally by Pamela Carter

July 25 - Fur Pajamas the musical by John Allman and David Ceci
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August 22 - One Night, Two One-Acts
Some Come, Some Go by Norbert Sorg

Nick's excelling in his dream New York City career, he’s got a loving girlfriend, and he’s just moved in to his first apartment in the Big Apple. It’s pristine, carefully curated, and all his. What could be better? His mother has plenty of ideas. When she comes to visit, expectations explode like land mines. Will the fallout bring down the house? 

In September 2018, the Sunspot Solar Observatory in New Mexico requested assistance from the FBI to evacuate personnel from their observatory and the surrounding area. The site remained closed for eleven days, sparking rumors of alien sightings and undercover military maneuvers. Inspired by these events, GLITTER STELLAR CLUSTER imagines one Texas woman’s scheme to unravel the mysteries of astronomy by interrogating a stellar observatory researcher moments after he makes a pivotal discovery. When the cosmic meets the mundane, the explosion is spectacular - and glittery.